The World Of E-Cig and Marketing Collide

m16web_1024x1024The Electronic Cigarette is the newest and most popular way to quit smoking! Because it delivers a vapor instead of smoke, it can be used almost everywhere. This is important to many people because of the laws passed in recent years banning indoor smoking, even in bars. Most of the E-cigs look like an actual cigarette and they simulate the same thing as smoking. The big difference is that the nicotine vapor is all that it entails, there are no harmful additives included. E-cigs are available in a disposable form or as a reusable device that just needs new nicotine cartridges and can be recharged.

The Electronic cigarette can be used to help someone stop smoking because it contains just nicotine in a vapor and not tobacco smoke, this has been said to reduce the cravings and also withdrawal symptoms of not smoking.

In order to get the word to people that this works and can be used to quit the habit of smoking it must be marketed in a way that it reaches its target audience, those who smoke and mainly those who have smoked for many years. Almost all who have had a smoking addiction for years have tried at some point different ways to quit the habit and will be more curious to if the new product will work for them.

Starting in a community where you know people is key, actually going out and talking to people that you know have a smoking addiction can get marketing off to a great start. One on one interaction always has a greater advantage then a pamphlet that’s posted or laid in a stack. Information like that may not ever be touched and even when picked up its usually skimmed through and put back down.

Once you have gone out in the community and started talking with people you can organize a public speech. By talking with people and asking them to pass the word on it will create curiosity in other people. Chances are the public speech will have a great turnout.

Giving out coupons for the product is a big way to grab attention and get people to try the E-cig, everyone likes a good deal and is looking for something less expensive then what they are doing already. Even giving out samples possibly of a disposable E-cig or letting others try it in a demonstration is a fantastic idea!

By doing all of this the strategy is really to build relationships. Nobody likes a salesperson or advertisement that states their case and then is never to be seen again. People want someone personable, someone they can relate to and even better is if that person has quit smoking by using the E-cig already and can be a positive testimony to it! If someone wants to try something new they want to see that it has in fact worked!

Case Study For Marketing Ideas

AIRSOFT_APS_UAR_BLK_CEvery business requires a great marketing strategy. How you market your product or service will impact sales. Airsoft guns are already wildly popular, but if you want to increase your bottom line you may have to give the two points below some consideration.

Know Your Customer
One of the first principles about marketing is identifying your customers. Who is more likely to buy airsoft guns? What Type of Accessories do arisfot guns have? Are these types of guns like real ones where they use paper targets to shoot at. Answering these question will help you determine how you need to spend your advertising budget. You’ll also know what sections of the market you’re targeting.

Let’s start by writing down who are your current and most frequent customers (i.e. male, young, middle-aged, etc). Then, jot down who are your less frequent customers. And finally, make a list of potential customers – those are the people who would enjoy airsoft guns tremendously, but they just don’t know it yet. Be open-minded in this process.

After you’ve sorted out all your frequent and less-frequent customers, focus your attention on the list of potential customers. These are the folks you’ve overlooked and who can be turned into customers. By targeting this market you’ll be opening your business to having more sales avenues. Go online and find out what their interests and hobbies are, where they shop, and where you can find them. Visualize them learning about airsoft guns and how they would feel shooting a few targets for the first time. Watch as they become your new regular customers over time.

Putting Airsoft Guns In Your Customers’ Hands
Once you know your target customers it’s time to take action. Let’s start by how you’re selling or marketing airsoft guns and accessories right now.

If you’re only selling airsoft guns from your store or online then brainstorm places where you can get customers to see these cool toys. Consider going to trade shows or expos and setting up a booth. Find out where in your city or state these events are held and when. Display the most popular airsoft guns in the market – from the cheapest to the most expensive. Pass out business cards and brochures. Offer demonstrations and take down sales orders.

Next, let’s focus on using the Internet more effectively. According to reports in the media, online searches for airsoft guns are increasing. People are going online to buy or find out more about these products. Consider using Google’sAdWords program so that people looking at search results can see your website too. You can also do more targeting advertising using Facebook Ads.

Lastly, check your current website traffic. Is it low or high compared to the sites of your competitors? If traffic is low consider getting help from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company. A web designer may not have the expertise to help you bring more traffic to your site, so leave it to the SEOs.

These are all important suggestions that can help you market airsoft guns better and improve sales performance. There is more to learn, but at least you have a few good starting points.

What is Affiliate Marketing?


 If you’ve spent anytime looking around for ways to make money online, then you have certainly come across the term affiliate marketing. This is probably one of the easiest ways to break into the making money online business ventures, but it can also be confusing to the newcomer – we will clear everything up for you right now.

What is Affiliate Marketing?To put this in perspective, we must define the two words affiliate and marketing separately. Lets look at marketing first. Marketing encompasses the many ways a person or company promotes their product or service. Promotion of products/services is done through advertisements, mailings, phone directories, direct ads, mobile scaling, and a number of other methods including affiliates.Affiliates are people that promote a product/service as independent contractors. They are paid a commission by that company, but do not work for that company as an employee. An affiliate is responsible for their own taxes and record keeping, and must represent the company they are affiliated with according to that companies policies and ethics.

So when we put the two words together, affiliate marketing, we get a person working independently promoting someone elses product and/or service for a commission.

Can I Work With Multiple Companies?

It is common for affiliates to work with several different companies at the same time. Unless a company has a exclusivity contract with their affiliates (which most don’t), then you can be affiliated with multiple companies. This is one of the benefits that attracts many online entrepreneurs to this type of opportunity.

The Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Besides choosing the right product/service to market, you must also be weary of the company running the program. Doing your due diligence in researching the company and product, before entering into an agreement, will save you many headaches down the road.

As an affiliate you also have a reputation you must protect to preserve your business. Marketing a product where the product doesn’t deliver as promised, or the company itself has substandard customer service will reflect back on you. It’s easy for an affiliate to be lured into a bad deal because the company dangles a juicy, quick turn commission in front of affiliates, but it does more damage than good for your future business.

To make life a little easier as an affiliate there are affiliate marketplaces. Places like Clickbank and Commission Junction have a community of affiliate programs where you can signup and choose which affiliate offers you wish to promote. There are two main benefits to joining a marketplace. First, the affiliate programs are monitored on a ongoing basis for reliability and product quality. Second, when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link, the service (Clickbank, Commission Junction) handles the distribution of funds. This means all commissions due to you will be deposited into your account. You don’t have to worry about the company you’re marketing for not paying your commission.

You now find businesses of all sizes offering affiliate programs. Big retailers such as Target and Walmart offer affiliate programs. Decide on a market to sell too, find a good affiliate program to start with, and put the two together – you are now officially in the affiliate marketing business.